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Zoom Launches End-To-End Encryption For Meetings

Zoom’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE) has been launched, letting both free and paid users secure their meetings so that only participants, not Zoom or...

A Son Reportedly Stabbed And Killed His Father During A Zoom Meeting

A Long Island man was stabbed to death by his adult son Thursday while on a Zoom video chat, police said, leading...

Professor Fired After Students Saw His “Busty College Girl” Tab In A Zoom Lecture

If you're sharing your screen with workmates or students, it's best to make sure you've wiped any incriminating or embarrassing tabs from...

Zoom Is Now Worth More Than The 7 Biggest Airlines

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have transitioned to working—and socializing—from home. If these trends become the new normal, certain companies may...

South African MPs Zoom Meeting Hacked With Porn

A virtual meeting held by a South African parliamentary committee has been hacked and the speaker abused. The programming...

Sierra Leone ‘Role Model’ Minister Carries Baby While He Holds Zoom Meeting

At first it looked like a cute Twitter picture to cheer us up in these uncertain times. But as...