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Quayba Releases “Wonder Woman”, Anthem Celebrating The Extraordinary Strength In Women

Ghanaian Afro-Soul Artist, Quayba has released the much anticipated song and Video "Wonder Woman". Wonder Woman is a women-inspired anthem celebrating the extraordinary strength in...

Shatta Wale Reveals Plans For Women In Ghana’s Music Industry

Shatta Wale has revealed his plans of working with more women in the Ghanaian music industry in the future. In an interview with Nana Ama...

Here’s Why Women And Children Are Less Likely To Die From Coronavirus

Women seem to be less likely to die from coronavirus than men, and children appear to be less likely to die than other age...

This Is Why Women’s Pockets In Jeans Are Smaller Than Men’s

There's one mystery everyone has been trying to solve but it looks like no one ever has an answer to! Why are women's pockets...
Former US President Barack Obama (EUROPEAN PHOTOPRESS AGENCY)

Women Are “Indisputably Better” Than Men – Barack Obama

If women ran every country in the world there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes, former US President Barack Obama...

How To Have Nipple Orgasms According To Sexperts

In a world obsessed with the goodies between your legs, it's easy to forget about the major erogenous zone above your waist: your nipples. Barring certain...

Here Are Six Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy

Well, men always claim that women are somehow outrageous but trust me, it’s all because of you! If your man is driving you crazy...

Here Are 10 Facts That Sound So Baffling They Should Be False

Recently Reddit user jcvks started a thread in which people shared facts that seem phoney, but are actually true — like the fact that it really rains diamonds on Saturn...

Period 101: An Easy Guide To Periods For The Confused Boyfriend

As a sister, girlfriend, and daughter, I love serving up a lesson in womanhood to the men in my life — my most recent...

Body Language Expert Explains How to Tell if a Woman Is Actually Into You

It’s a question as old as time that men have repeatedly failed to answer. The reason why? According to Joe Navarro, a body language...

4 Signs That You Have A Controlling Partner

According to Ghanaian Twitter, there is a certain level of toxic that is acceptable, even welcome, in relationships to keep them from being boring....
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