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Smoking Weed Raises Risk Of Covid-19 Complications

If you're smoking weed to ease your stress during the coronavirus pandemic, experts say it's time to think twice. Smoking marijuana, even occasionally, can increase...

Here’s How Weed Affects Your Vagina During Sex

Smoking weed has different effects on everyone, and different strains have different effects on people. Some will help you become more chill and relaxed,...

Man Jailed For Smoking Weed While In Court For Marijuana Charge

Spencer Boston was a man with a plan. On Monday, the 20-year-old was in a Tennessee court for a simple marijuana possession charge, CNN reports. As he faced the...

Donald Trump Claims Weed Causes People To ‘Lose IQ Points’

In a leaked audio recording of Donald Trump that surfaced last week, the President claimed that weed was making its users dumber. "In Colorado, they have more accidents,"...

Popcaan And Kwaw Kese Plan To Meet To Discuss Weed Legalization In GH

Barely a day after a video clip of Popcaan smoking a substance believed to be marijuana went viral, the Jamaican artiste has proposed a...

Twitter Reacts To The Possibility Of Weed Being Legalized In Ghana

Earlier this week, GHOne asked a question online that got a lot of young people talking. Marijuana. Talks of weed legalization have been going on in...

Marijuana Found In Man’s Nose 18 Years After He Smuggled It Into Prison

A package of marijuana has been retrieved from the nose of a man 18 years after he smuggled it into prison, in what doctors...

Rev Obofour Lets Church Member Smoke Weed In Church ‘For The Last Time’

A weird scene played out at a three-day church programme organized by Ghanaian preacher Abruku Abruka, as the General Overseer of Anointed Palace Chapel...
Yaa Pono

Here’s What Yaa Pono Wants Government To Do Before Weed Is Legalised In Ghana

Ghanaian Tema-based rapper, Ponobiom, says there is a need for the government to enforce laws to control marijuana if it intends to decriminalise it. According...

Prison May Have Changed Kwaw Kese But He Still Wants Weed Legalized In Ghana

One unforgettable moment in the history of Ghanaian showbiz was the arrest of rapper Kwaw Kesse, in 2014 when he was arrested for the...
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