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How To Handle The Low Times Before You’re Employed.

Depression from long-term unemployment hits differently, mainly because we attach so much significance to a person's job. Little things while you're at...

Mr Eazi Says Job Creation Is Not The Responsibility Of Governments

The award-winning musician and entrepreneur, Mr Eazi has said it is not the responsibility of governments to create jobs for their citizens.

National Service Scheme To Venture Into Bottled And Sachet Water Production

The National Service Scheme is set to go into the production of bottled and sachet water next year. Deputy Executive Director of the Scheme, Kwaku...

Here Are Some Free Training Programs You Can Apply For In Ghana

The rate of unemployment in Ghana keeps increasing even though the government has tried to reduce it by creating more jobs. But, you can't just...
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#SFAN: 6 Biggest Job Application Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

It can be frustrating when you send in your application for a job opening but you do not receive a response. Apart from the...

What To Do When You Get Laid Off Or Sacked From Your Workplace

Nobody goes to work with the thought of being sacked or getting laid off. It is one of the hardest things to come to...