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Trevor Noah Is The First African To Sell Out New York’s Madison Square Garden

South African comedian, Trevor Noah has become the first African to sell out New York's famous Madison Square Garden. The venue is a multi-purpose arena...

Trevor Noah Would Want Rappers To Make Song’s Without The ‘N Word’

Trevor Noah believes rappers should release a separate version of their tracks without featuring the N-word. The comedian shared his views after Gina Rodriguez,...
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The Most Influential Africans – As Compiled By The Africa Report

The names and accompanying writs were published as is by The Africa Report midyear 2019. I’m only gonna reproduce their top 10. I was looking for Ghanaians...

Check Out Trevor Noah’s New $20 Million Luxury Home In Los Angeles

South African comedian and Daily Show host Trevor Noah has reportedly splashed out $20 million on a luxurious home in Los Angeles.

Trevor Noah Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Jordyn Taylor

After more than two years together, Trevor Noah and US real estate agent, Jordyn Taylor have called it quits. While Trevor fiercely guards his personal...

Lupita Nyong’o Details How She Came to Produce And Star In Trevor Noah’s “Born...

Peeps, if you have been following the Black Panther hype in the last two days, then you would have certainly come across the impressive...