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A Lot More Ghanaian Students Are Studying In American Universities Than Before

Demonstrating the strong people-to-people and educational ties between the United States and Ghana, the number of Ghanaians studying in the United States continues a...

Scholarships Available To Study Abroad

AB Review is currently inviting students to apply for education opportunities abroad. Those opportunities are available for undergraduate students, post-graduate and doctorate programs. Opportunities...
Nigerian Students

They Landed Scholarships Abroad But Now These Nigerian Students Are Stranded

When Nigerian student Mercy Eyo landed a foreign postgraduate scholarship in July 2019, she had just lost her father. A year earlier, her mother...

Study Abroad Reality Check: The Hard Truth About Studying In The UK

The UK continues to grow as the most preferred study destination apart from the United States of America. However, most international students are left...

UG: The International Programmes Office Has Opportunities For Students Who Want To Study Abroad

The International Programmes Office, University of Ghana has partially funded opportunities available to UG students to study abroad at partner universities (enclosed) for the...

Looking For A Scholarship Opportunity To Study Abroad? Here You Go!

No matter how hyped we get when we receive our admission letters to KNUST, Legon, UCC, GIJ and others, a large number of us...
Happy Black Girls

Ghanaian Residents In The Diaspora Have Been Asked To Apply For National Service

lol... you think you can attend tertiary abroad and not do your national service in Ghana erh? See, as long as you're a Ghanaian citizen who...