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UEW: Hey Peeps, Here’s Help On How To Choose An Outfit For Steeze III

It’s almost  Time for the biggest party in school, the Steeze III party. If you didn’t know, Steeze is an abbreviation of Style With Ease. So, here...

Steeze Party- All That You Decided To Miss!

History was made! We have been to a lot of parties, but never ever have we been this blown away by a single event....

All The Fine People We Captured At Steeze Party

We won’t lie, we are suckers for fine people. But tell me, who isn’t? KBAJ Entertainment brought us  Steeze II on Friday and man oo man,...

UEW Is About To Get Steezed Up!..Again!

Just as we are recovering from  last year's steeze up, KBAJ decides to take it 2.0 On the 22nd of September, drop whatever you're doing...