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Lancaster: This Is Why The SRC Is Asking For A Referendum

The SRC has called for a referendum where the student body would be cordially invited to vote on the amendment of certain laws and...

UG: Interim SRC Executives Appointed As General Assembly Call Off 2020/2021 SRC Elections

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, all election activities were put on hold.The aspirants of the various SRC positions are sad as all...

UENR: Electoral Commission To Hold Virtual Vetting For The SRC And LNUGS Aspirants

The Electoral Commission wishes to announce to the whole student populace about the upcoming vetting of SRC and LNUGS aspirants. The vetting has been...
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UENR: SRC Addresses Concerns Of Students Pertaining To Trailed Papers

The SRC has put out a press statement concerning the resumption of final year students. In the statement, the SRC says there will be a...

ATU: Take A Look At The SRC’s Letter To School Management Addressing Concerns Of...

As part of the efforts by management to keep the minds of students active on academics, the E-Learning platform was instituted to serve that purpose as...

TTU: SRC Conducts Survey To See Students’ Views On E-Learning

The student's representative council has decided to conduct a survey to see the views of the student populace on the matter of e-learning. Following mixed...

UENR: Take A Look At Some New Developments Concerning The Online Studies

The SRC released a communique today to inform the student populace with the new developments with respect to the E-learning. The SRC stated in...

CCTU: SRC Clarifies Students’ Concerns About The E-Learning Platform

It has been quite some time since we have been away from school. The school management and the SRC in the bid to continue with...
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UG: Take Note Of This Important Update Concerning The E-Learning Process

The SRC wishes to inform all students that other options are available for the access to the Vodafone package being given to students for...

#CoronavirusUpdates: Cape Coast Technical University Suspends All Academic And Social Activities With Immediate Effect.

The SRC of the Cape Coast Technical University has issued a press statement suspending all Academic and Social Activities with immediate effect. Reports from campus...

WhatsApp Set An All-time Record For Calls On New Year’s Eve

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to have virtual New Year’s Eve get-togethers, and that’s very clearly reflected in WhatsApp’s numbers. Facebook’s chat app set...
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