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Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Phones Might Sport Even Larger Camera Bumps

If you’re not particularly fond of the big camera bumps on the Galaxy S20, its follow-up might not change your mind. OnLeaks...

Huawei Will Unveil The Mate 40 On October 22nd

Huawei is about to unveil its next big phone — and a swan song of sorts. The Chinese tech giant has announced...

Samsung Says Its Galaxy Z Fold 2 Display Has The ‘World’s Smallest Curvature’

Samsung’s OLED display used in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has the “world’s smallest curvature,” with a radius of just 1.4mm (1.4R),...

Apple Introduces COVID-19 Exposure Notifications In iOS 13.7 Update

Apple‘s latest iOS 13.7 update is introducing an improved version of Google and Apple’s COVID-19 tracking system. According to...

The 6 Phases You Go Through When You Lose Your Smartphone

It's very rare to see a modern-day youth without a smartphone. As in! Not even in this digital age where almost everything...

Samsung Says Its Latest Mobile Memory Is A Production Breakthrough

Samsung is fond of bragging about its progress on memory chips, but this is one time where it made a particularly notable...

Windows 10 Can Run Apps From Your Samsung Phone

You’ll soon have access to your phone’s apps on your PC — if you have the right phone, at least. Microsoft is...

BlackBerry Phones Are Back

It looks like BlackBerry hardware is back from the brink of extinction once again. Today, the security startup OnwardMobility announced plans to...

Google Finally Launches Nearby Share To Rival Apple’s AirDrop

After months of leaks and rumors, Google is finally officially unveiling its tool called Nearby Share that’s basically Android’s version of Apple’s...

Apple Confirms Its New iPhones Will Be Delayed By A ‘Few Weeks’

For years, people have been buying brand new iPhones in September, typically weeks after a splashy press conference at Apple’s ring-shaped headquarters....

Vacancy: Virtual Internship Program Available At Databank

A reputable company is currently looking to fill some internship slots. If you are interested in the virtual internship program, you can...

Vacancy: Sales Girls Wanted

Vacancy: Sales Agents Wanted