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Apple Is Opening Its First ‘Floating’ Store In Singapore

Apple has hundreds of physical stores dotted around the world, serving as stores, repair centers and community hubs where people can learn...

Robert Mugabe’s Body Has Left Singapore For Zimbabwe

The body of Robert Mugabe has left Singapore on a private flight destined for his home country of Zimbabwe. The former president had been receiving...

The Government Of Singapore Will Pay Bonuses To All Citizens After A Surplus Budget

You know, how shareholders of a company are paid dividends after the company makes a profit? Or how a company pays bonuses to employees at...

You Won’t Believe What These Countries Did To Encourage Citizens To Have More Sex

When China make wild to stop people from having kids, some bro ein government dey beg am make he chop small. Is this world...

Ghana Ranks #2 In The World In Online Election Discourse – Google

Despite the fact that Ghana has internet penetration less than 13%, and is only one of 62 countries holding elections in 2016, Ghana has...