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Government Postpones Academic Year For Most Ghanaian Students

President Akufo Addo has announced the postponement of the academic year for most Ghanaian students. In his 16th COVID-19...

Students Hired To Write Some Primary School Students’ Final Exam Have Been Arrested

Police in Uganda have arrested 12 people who were allegedly hired to write the final primary school exams for some candidates, the Daily Monitor...

Nigerian Teachers Failed When They Wrote An Exam Meant For Primary School Pupils

Oh… don’t you just hate that feeling when your younger sibling understands everything the home tutor taught when you were kids? Well, if you thought...
Things No One Wanted To Hear As A Kid

6 Things You Wish You Knew In Primary School

Primary school formed a pivotal part of your upbringing; learning about yourself, keeping up with your homework, T.V shows and school activities. You really...