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Why Does It Hurt After You Cum? 8 Possible Causes Of Dysorgasmia

The condition dysorgasmia, which is just the fancy medical term for pain during or after orgasm. Dysorgasmia can be caused by a bunch of different...

All The Reasons Why We Think You Should Consider Swallowing *Wink*

Generally speaking, most guys like their partners to give them head even if they themselves wouldn't like to return the gesture. Getting especially deep...

These 5 Things Feel Just As Good As An Orgasm

Everyone has their own non-sexual turn-ons. There are a whole host of things that have nothing to do with sex or foreplay that can make...

6 Ways To Help Your Partner Overcome Insecurity In The Bedroom

No matter how wonderful sex is, this part of a relationship can pull our insecurity and fears to the surface. Dealing with your partner’s...

Ladies, Here’s Every Single Reason Why You May Not Be Having An Orgasm

Sex problems are one of the most common issues between married couples, and ignoring them will not take you anywhere! The most important thing...
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Some High-Tech Sex Toys That Prove The Future Is Already Here

Greetings from the year 2019—where just about every appliance in our lives is “smart.” Our thermostats adjust themselves, depending on the time of day....

This Is How Long Women Want Sex To Last

In case you have been wondering the trick to impress your lady love in the bedroom, this story might give you a science-approved solution....

This Is The Age When You Have The Best Sex Of Your Life!

If you think that having mindblowing sex was only reserved for those in their twenties, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. A...

The Surprising Reasons Why People Fake Orgasms

If you are reading this article, chances are you have faked an orgasm at least once in your life. Yes, according to research conducted...

Porn Can Ruin A Woman’s Sexual Experience With A Man, Says A Study

A new study now proves that watching porn instigates body-related insecurities in women. And such insecurities not only adversely affect their arousal but reduce...
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