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8 Signs That Show You Are Addicted To Your Phone

I'm 80% sure you're with your phone right now reading this article, aren't you?. Sometimes we feel blessed to have a phone and at...

Here Are 10 Items You Would Find In A Nigerian Lady’s Handbag

Men would always wonder what it is that ladies have in their handbag. They feel like it is kit necessary for them to carry...

“Fry Us, We Are Your Plantain” – The Latest Slang In Nigeria

Nigerians won't cease to amaze me with the way they coin hilarious slangs. Like how can someone just sit and think of "Fry me,...

Here Is Why Yorubas Love Peppery Food

Everyone, yes I mean everyone who has tasted any Yoruba delicacies can testify to the Yorubas undying love for pepper. Like the way they...

11 Brand Names That Have Become Generic In Nigeria

Nigerians don't like to be stressed when it comes to remembering the particular name of different people or products. Hence, they look for one...
Nigerian hairdresser

These 5 People Always Have Juicy Gossip

If you're the busy type or barely stay around, there are chances that you might not be up-to-date with the trending/hot topics. Hence, you'll...
lagos first timer

6 Things That Always Happen To Lagos First-Timers

I guess it's not uncommon for first-timers in a new environment or cities especially Lagos, not to have their own experience to share and...
Agbero Guy

Here Are 7 People You Will Meet At The Yaba Market

If you've ever been to Yaba market you will realize that there are some set of people that you can't avoid no matter how...

6 Things You Will Find In A Nigerian Mother’s Room

In a home, there are some things that are a must-have in different rooms depending on the owner of the room. If those things...
Pete Edochie proverbs

Here Are 5 Things Nigeria Thrives In Anywhere In The World

Nigeria is not called "9ja area" or "Giant of Africa" for no reasons. This is because she has a vibrant culture, sense of humour...
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