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banana photo via today.com

7 Myths About Masturbation You Need To Stop Believing

Masturbation still gets a bad rap in the society, maybe because it is a sexual behaviour which is rarely shared or talked...

5 Unforgettable Ghanaian Myths And Why They Were Fabricated

Growing up, we heard the most ridiculous things!! Our family members fed us with all sorts of stories and we believed them!...

5 Womenswear Fashion Myths Which Have Been Debunked

Technically, fashion shouldn't enclose you in a box. There shouldn't really be any rules. You should make it work for you and if you...

5 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing

You want to lose weight and get that summer body before Tidal Rave begins. You want to be able to get that 6 pack for...
myths about ucc that are not true

5 Myths About UCC That Are Entirely False

Some rumours about UCC are wild, some are hilarious and some are born out of mischief. However wild and funny they are, the rumours never...

Kuulpeeps!! We Have Debunked Some Fashion Myths For You

Yes, there are Myths in the Fashion world. Has anybody ever told you "No you cant wear that" without giving you any reasoning as...

Ridiculous Myths About Legon That Have No Drop Of Truth

So you gained admission into the University of Ghana and you’re excited because you’ve heard a lot about the school. OR maybe, you didn’t...

Ashesi Students Claim All Of You Have Been Lying About Them

Ashesi University College has one of the coolest and refreshing campuses you could ever find. From the giant chess board, to the donor wall...

Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Spots

The skin peculiarities that people are born with and develop later in life are many and come in different types: freckles, beauty spots, birth...

4 Myths About Breasts

Saggy breasts Before I go on, I'd like us all to be on the same page here. I'd like us all to be aware that due...