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Ghanaian Photographer Wins #Portrait For Humanity 2020 Award

Ghanaian Photographer, Michael Aboya has won an Agora competition. Michael Aboya won the Best Photography #Portrait for Humanity 2020. He announced his win via instagram...

Here’s Everything To Know About The Iconic Photographer, Aboya

Photography isn't just about the beauty and wedding shoots; photography also involves creativity and conceptual shots. It's really not all about the retouching and...

Ghanaian Photographer Michael Aboya Wins “The Best Photo of the Year” By Agora Images

Ghanaian self-taught photographer Michael Aboya has defied all the odds to become the first Ghanaian photographer to win this prestigious award "The Best Photo...

Vacancy: Civil Engineer Wanted

A reputable company is currently looking to fill a vacancy. The job opening is for the position of Civil Engineer. If you are interested...

Vacancy: GIS Analyst Wanted

Vacancy: Chef Wanted

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