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All The Gorgeous Faces From Central University’s 23rd Matriculation Ceremony

Central University held its 23rd matriculation on 16th October 2019(Wednesday) at the school's Trinity hall, main campus. The total number of freshmen who matriculated was...

CUCG: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Graduation And Matriculation

There is always a celebration for those joining us in this life and a celebration for those leaving us. The same analogy is seen in...

UENR: All You Need To Know About The 8th Matriculation & 1st Special Congregation

Finally, our dear freshmen will now be officially welcomed to the University community. The University community is hereby informed that the Matriculation ceremony for...

UPSA: 9 Ladies Who Took Our Breath Away At The Matriculation

UPSA has officially ushered their freshers into the university. The Matriculation ceremony happened on the 5th of October and every level 100 student came looking...

UPSA: Students Who Rocked Their Suit Better Than Anyone Else At The Matriculation

Every year, freshers go through matriculation which is an important ceremony to officially usher the students into the University. In UPSA, we do things differently. On...

KNUST: All You Need To Know About The 2019/2020 Matriculation

Finally, our lovely first years are soon going to be initiated into the school. They are literally done with all the touring and they are...

UG: Don’t Expect A Matriscot If You’re Not In Any Of These Halls.

The dawn of a new year stares at us again. It’s time for another matriculation ceremony. Yeah you know you’ll be ushered into the...

CU: How To Properly Wear A Tie

A gentleman should always have a few collections of ties no matter your occupation. When picking a tie you must consider the type of shirt...

UG: Freshers, Here’s How To Get Your Matriculation Gowns

All freshmen who have successfully signed their online matriculation oath are advised to present copies of their admission letters to collect the gowns at...

UG: Here’s All You Should Know About Matriculation As A Fresher

Simply put, matriculation is kinda like speech and prize-giving day, the only slight difference is that the ceremony is for freshers only and there...
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