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Let’s Get You Hired: Getting A Career In Research And Data Analysis

It's yet another Monday and we have a new issue of Let's Get You Hired. In this issue, we are looking at...

8 Reasons Coding for Kids is Not Just Another Fad

Is Coding a Fad? In short, no. Coding is a field that is growing and changing quickly; there is...

Jobs In Demand During And After Covid-19

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is taking a huge toll on the global economy, destroying millions of jobs around the world as cash-strapped...

#SupportABusiness: The Pitch Hub Is Hosting A Campaign To Support Young Businesses

Countries like Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria in Sub-Saharan Africa have recorded the highest number of people engaged in early-stage entrepreneurial activity worldwide...

6 Email Sign Offs To Use And 6 You Definitely Shouldn’t

If you're anything like me, you also tend to overthink messages before you send them. And with emails, the stakes are so...

Are You Actually More Effective Working From Home, Than At The Office?

A lot of us tried the working from home arrangement while lockdown protocols were in place. Some of us went back to...