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5 Absolutely Unreasonable Things Women Want From The People They’re Dating

It's natural to have expectations of the person that you're dating. However, when it comes to expectations in relationships, it always seems...

Don’t Catch Feelings Over The Phone Bro, Please.

In this era, with so much tech and all these messaging apps, long-distance intimacy can happen rather simply. As a result, catching...

Dirty Talk 101: The Art of Using Your Words

The mind is the body’s most powerful erogenous organ. That’s why great dirty talk can take even the most laid-back lover from...

Check Out These 7 Tips For Casual Dating

If you don’t have the time, energy, or f*cks to give another person besides yourself, you've come to the right place....

5 Relationship Tips When You’re Dating A Younger Man

Picture this scenario: you meet an amazing man, have instant chemistry, and are lost in enthralling conversations for hours. He’s funny and...

Reasons Why Your Partner Wants To Keep Your Relationship A Secret

Secrets are a complex thing. And when it comes to romantic relationships, they can be even trickier to navigate. Keeping secrets in...

If These 5 Things Describe Him, He’s Emotionally Unavailable For A Relationship

How do you know if the man you’re dating is emotionally unavailable for a relationship? If you have a...

Women, This Is Why You Should Learn To Initiate Sex More In Your Relationship

Not only has it been claimed that the average male thinks of sex at least once in a day, but men have...

5 Ways To Communicate Better With Your Partner

We have heard this a number of times that communication is the key and now it is time to act upon it....
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5 Ways To Have The Perfect New Year’s Eve With Your Partner

New Year’s Eve is that bridge that connects the year that had been and the year that will be. This day provides...