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New Long-acting Injection Found To Be ‘Highly Effective’ In Preventing HIV Infection In women

An injectable drug that needs to be taken every other month is “highly effective in preventing HIV acquisition,” according to a study...

Man Has Been Cured Of HIV, Becoming The Second In The World

A man from London has become the second person in the world to be cured of HIV, doctors say. Adam...
Studies suggest that drugs such as Truvada are effective prevention against HIV if taken daily (BBC)

Facebook Has Removed Misleading HIV Drug Ads

Facebook has removed adverts about HIV prevention medicines, following intense lobbying from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer advocacy groups.
GHANA, ACCRA - Couple Kobby and Shari share an intimate moment with their young child. CREDIT: Yagazie Emezi

Can You Have Safe Sex Without Using Condoms? Find Out Here

There is no denying the fact that practising safe sex is extremely important. It not only provides protection against various sexually transmitted diseases (like...

Scientists Have Discovered A New HIV Strain In Nearly Two Decades

For the first time in 19 years, a team of scientists has detected a new strain of HIV. The strain is a part of the...

Meet The HIV-Positive Man Celebrating His 100th Birthday

The world’s oldest living person with HIV is celebrating his 100th birthday — stunning doctors who call him an “icon of hope” for people...

Gas Explosion Rips Through Russian Laboratory Containing Smallpox, Ebola And HIV Viruses

A fire caused by a gas explosion has torn through a Russian laboratory that houses viruses including smallpox, Ebola and HIV. The State Research Centre of...

Shatta Wale Jumps To Moesha And AIK Livingstone’s Defence After Allegations Of Unprotected Sex...

Shatta Wale has jumped to the defence of the CEO of MaddHausEntertainment, Mr AIK Livingstone Abani who has been accused of intentionally infecting girls...

Forget HIV/AIDS, This STI Is Giving Us New Reasons To Abstain From Sex

Most times when we’re doing the DO, all we care about is protecting ourselves from the HIV virus relegating other equally dangerous venereal diseases...

A Shortcode For Contributing Towards National Cathedral Has Been Launched

Board of Trustees for the National Cathedral has encouraged the government to stand strong against criticisms and mockery as they strive to...

Vacancy: Barber Wanted