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Epic Games Sues Apple And Google Following ‘Fortnite’ App Store Removal

Epic Games is now suing both Apple and Google over antitrust issues, alleging that the two tech giants are engaging in anti-competitive...

Microsoft And Google Team Up To Bring More Web Apps To The Playstore

Microsoft’s support for Android is going beyond native apps and devices like the Surface Duo. Thurrot reports Microsoft is collaborating with Google...
google apps malware (credit: Forbes)

Play Store Apps To Be Scanned For Malware

Google is beefing up the way it checks if any of the apps uploaded to its Play store are malicious. All new apps will be...

If You Have Any Of These Android Apps Installed, Uninstall Right Now!

We are tired of reporting on Android malware and just like us, we know you’re tired of reading on Android malware but as it...