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Things Girls Do That Irritate The Life Out Of Ghanaian Men

Yesterday, a question on Twitter had men airing out their pet peeves when it comes to girls. Per the...
You be the boss meme

Ghanaian Men Can Never EVER Agree On These 4 Basic Things

When Ghanaian men get together or meet somewhere, they can agree on everything under the sun: women are 'trash', the sky is...

5 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Younger Man

Relationships with bigger gaps are widely becoming very common (after all, it’s 2020) and women are getting more liberated to fall in...

5 Types Of Ghanaian Men Who Will Never Gnash

If you don't fall into any of these categories, know that you will be single for life because these are the type...

7 Ways Ghanaian Men Say They Like You

Ghanaian men are sweet and when they’re not busy telling you they like you, these are all the ways they show you...

Link Up With Tulenkey’s Newest Jam For All The ‘Boys Boys’

Tulenkey and FimFim have become an unforgettable duo and they’re back with a new relatable banger with MOG Beatz on the production...

6 Meals That Taste Better Only When A Ghanaian Man Makes It

Most guys rarely cook and even more don’t even know how but, we can all agree that there are some meals that...
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7 Texts That Will Make Any Ghanaian Guy Happy

If you see a guy smiling at his phone, there are always only a few reasons why he’s grinning from ear to...

A Reminder From GH Twitter To All Men: Fear Women

Yesterday or should I say early this morning, while everyone was sleeping, GH Twitter was busy discussing a topic: Women.

Here Are 5 Classic Excuses Men Give For Cheating Which Drive Ladies Crazy!!

A boyfriend or husband that has been caught pants down with another woman will always have an explanation and for Ghanaian men, there are...

Customer Service Bots Are Coming To Instagram

Facebook is adding support for Instagram to its Messenger API. That will allow brands and businesses to handle Instagram messages through third-party...