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Ladies, Here’s Every Single Reason Why You May Not Be Having An Orgasm

Sex problems are one of the most common issues between married couples, and ignoring them will not take you anywhere! The most important thing...

Porn Can Ruin A Woman’s Sexual Experience With A Man, Says A Study

A new study now proves that watching porn instigates body-related insecurities in women. And such insecurities not only adversely affect their arousal but reduce...

Researchers Attempt To Explain The Secrets Of The Female Orgasm With Rabbits

What’s the evolutionary reason behind the elusive female orgasm? It’s a question that’s plagued sex researchers for centuries. Unlike male orgasms which lead to ejaculation...

Here Are The Reasons Why Some Ladies Orgasm In Their Sleep

Uhuh... wet dreams aren't just a guy thing. Ladies cum in their sleep too. Sleep orgasm, also known as “nocturnal orgasm”. Sleep orgasms begin with...

Ashanti And Keyshia Cole’s ‘Verzuz’ Battle Has Been Delayed Once Again

Ashanti and Keyshia Cole’s Verzuz battle has been delayed once again. Verzuz’s official Twitter account made the announcement on Friday, citing Wednesday’s events in Washington...
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