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Ernesto Yeboah Has Been Released From Police Custody

The leader of the Economic Fighters League Ernesto Yeboah has been released from police custody. Ernesto was arrested last...

#AccraBlackOut: Social Media Speaks Out Against Ghana Police At #BLM Vigil In Accra

Ghana Police Service has become under attack by Ghanaian Social Media users for forcefully putting a stop to a Black Lives Matter...

#AccraBlackOut: Police & Military Stop Black Lives Matter Vigil In Accra – Photos And...

Last night, a group of Ghanaians, joined a vigil to honor the life of George Floyd and support the Black Lives Matter...

Ghana Police Service Arrest Ernesto Yeboah For Holding Black Lives Matter Vigil

Yesterday, a four day long memorial ceremony for George Floyd, the murdered African American began in the United States of America.

Ernesto Yeboah, Leader Of Economic Fighters League Arrested For Screaming “#DropThatChamber” In Parliament

We have picked up reports that Ernesto Yeboah, a protestor against the plans of the government to construct a new parliament has just been...