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End Your Emails This Way If You Want A Response

I'm pretty sure that we were all taught to send emails in primary and JHS. We were also taught how to sign off. Professionally...

Bad Email Habits You Should Personally Avoid

Using Lengthy Email Titles. Emails are commonplace when it comes to professional communication. However, emails are also much too easy to ignore. Therefore, use an...

7 Email Habits To Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Job!

Create A Job Search Email. Create a dedicated job search email. There are many benefits to this. First of all, I don't know what your...

5 Bad Work Habits You Need To Change Right Now!

Slipping into a mundane routine in your job after spending a significant time comes naturally to most of the employees but there is a...

Gmail’s New Out-Of-Office Notification Tells People You’re On Vacation Before They Email You

Emailing a coworker without realizing they’re on vacation is a bummer for everyone involved. The second you get that “out of office” auto-reply, you...

Laptop Thief Sends Theft Victim An Apology Via Email And Makes Surprising Offer

When one of your valuable belongings is stolen, it's understandable to feel totally furious at the thief. You might hope that the culprit may have...

4 Signs That You Have A Controlling Partner

According to Ghanaian Twitter, there is a certain level of toxic that is acceptable, even welcome, in relationships to keep them from being boring....
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