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Google Turns Android Phones Into An Earthquake Detection Network

Featured image caption: Google is Creating Global Earthquake Detection Network Using Android Phones Google is now tapping into the massive amount of Android phones across...

Here’s What To Do When An Earthquake Occurs

Ghanaians experienced an Earth Tremor of 4.O Magnitude, even though it was a light one, it got a lot of Ghanaians asking one question...

Details About Accra’s Magnitude 4.0 Earth Tremor

On Wednesday June 24, Kasoa and parts of Accra experienced a series of earth tremors. The four back to back earth tremors reminded most residents...

Wendy Shay Begs For Forgiveness After Earth Tremors

Last night, a number of people were forced out of their homes after Kasoa and parts of Accra experienced a series of earth tremors. It...

Ghanaians Humour Themselves With Jovial Earth Tremor Tweets

Ghanaians, for some reason, always find a way to make fun out of every situation. No matter how serious, they will find a lighter note...

Accra Experiences Earth Tremor Just As 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits New Zealand

Significant parts of Accra experienced about four earth tremors on the night of Wednesday, June 24. The tremors, which occurred about four times varied in...

Earthquake Rocks Croatia’s Capital Zagreb

An earthquake has rocked Croatia's capital Zagreb, damaging buildings and leaving cars crushed by falling chunks of masonry. A teenager is in a critical condition...

Residents Of Weija-Gbawe Experienced Another Frightening Tremor On Saturday Night

An earth tremor rocked various places around Gbawe, CP, Mallam and its environs on Saturday night at about 11:28 PM. The tremor, which lasted for...
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