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7 Tested and True Ways to Unwind After Work As A National Service Personnel

After being catapulted into the workforce right from University, your stress levels might be spiking through the roof. Working an 8-5 job from Monday to Friday as a National Service Personnel, always makes us wonder how our parents used to do it and still have the strength to take care of us. To find the perfect balance between your personal and work life, a lot of de-stressing is needed. Take a look at the ways you can destress and calm down amidst the storm of emotions and stress around you.

Worlasi, Dark Suburb, Pure Akan, Ria Boss, Asi Renie and others...

ONE of Ghana’s leading multi-talented artistes: rapper, singer, music producer and songwriter with near-excellent vocal range and ability, Worlasi has been billed to perform...
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