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Top 4 YouTube Playlists To Get You In Shape For Your Next Job!

There are a lot of resources on the internet that aim to help job seekers. However, when it comes to localized content—that is, content...

Let’s Get You Hired: These Steps Will Get Your Career Where You Want

Jemila Abdulai is a Ghanaian blogger, writer and digital marketer. That is in addition to being an economist, digital educator and bilingual communications and...

Let’s Get You Hired: In-Job Training And Launching A Career New Fields

If you are a job seeker you've come to the right place. Let's Get You Hired is a weekly series and explores career tips...

Let’s Get you Hired: Thinking About A Creative Career? You Need To Read This

Hello job seekers, are you pumped for the new week? Hopefully your answer is a 'yes,' because we've got something for you. This week...

Social Media Accounts That You Should Be Following If You’re Unemployed

Job Searching is stressful. In fact, a lot of HR Experts would advice that you take the job search as seriously as you would...

Let’s Get You Hired: What You Need To Know About A Media Career

For this issue of Let's Get You Hired, we're taking a look at careers in media. That's traditional media and journalism careers, as well...

Let’s Get You Hired: This Is How To Get A Job In Tech

This week on Let’s Get You Hired we cover how to get a job in the Tech industry. That means, we are looking at...

Eugene Arhin Accused Of Photoshoping Joe Biden Letter

The Director of Communications at the Flagstaff House has been accused of photoshopping a letter written by the American President-elect Joe Biden. Yesterday, the presidential...
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