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In Defense Of Moesha; Sugar Babe Problems Beyond The Media Frenzy

About a decade ago, information dissemination was done mainly by traditional channels- TV, radio, and print. This meant Moesha who from nowhere became popular for...

Where Is Moesha Boduong And Is Ghana Really Unsafe For People Who Speak Up?

Ok, it is another week and we have another Moesha problem on our beautiful looking hands...lol God knows there was a lot of anger when...

Gender Ministry Takes Moesha Boduong To The Cleaners For Her CNN Interview

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) has slammed Moesha Boduong and even the CNN after social media went crazy over the Moesha's...

Moesha Boduong Says She Is Sorry

Actress Moesha Boduong got the attention of everybody in Ghana. An outrage that started on online quickly found its way onto the mainstream media. Everybody...

Kuulpeeps News: Moesha Boduong And Her Newly Acquired CNN Fame

Today on Kuulpeeps News, Electro Mirror sets his eyes on Moesha Boduong and her "outrageous" interview with the CNN. https://youtu.be/yw4cITdiU_A
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