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4 Signs That Prove You Are A Workaholic

We’re all very familiar with the saying, “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, but how can you even...

Giovani Reveals How Twitter Has Impacted His Career

Giovani Caleb, an award-winning radio presenter and MC, has revealed the huge impact that Twitter has had on his career.

This Is How Your Social Media Use Can Affect Your Career

I understand that social media is an escape. It's a place you can log onto and not have to take yourself too...

5 New Year Resolutions That Can Help Your Career To Grow In 2020

It’s that time of the year again. We will be bidding goodbye to a year and welcoming a new one. It’s the...

Reasons Why Dating An Older Man Is A Great Idea

With societal taboos on the decline, age really shouldn’t be a barrier to compatibility these days. Age-gap relationships are increasingly more common. In case you’re...

7 Steps You Should Take Before Making A Career Change

When you’re a millennial, there is one thing that seems common to all career advice we get - don’t be ungrateful. But, what if we need to...

UG: Reasons Why Students Must Visit The Career And Counselling Office

Almost all students share one goal upon completing their degree i.e. either to attain higher levels of education or to pursue careers. Most colleges and...

You’ll Want To Sue Your Teachers For Not Teaching You These...

First of all, why are you reading an article about math? Get a life. Also, if you're still reading this, I promise...

Vacancy: Barber Wanted

Vacancy: Chef Wanted