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Narcotics Control Commission Warns Against Illegal

The Narcotics Control Commission has warned against people pretending they have been given the license to cultivate cannabis in the country.

Malawi Legalizes Growing Of Cannabis

Malawi has become the latest southern African country to legalize the growing, selling and exporting of cannabis. Recreational smokers...

Cannabis Sales In Illinois Reach $3.2 Million On Its First Day Of Legalization

CNN reports that it was a Happy New Year indeed for Illinois, which saw a haul of nearly $3.2 million in sales of recreational marijuana on its first day.

Zambia Legalises Marijuana Growth For Exports And For Medical Purposes

The Zambian government has finally approved a proposal to legalize the production of Marijuana. The production of Marijuana in...

A Company Is Taking Cannabis and Coffee to Space

A biotech company is set to send cannabis to the International Space Station in an effort to learn more about how the plant thrives...

Thailand Will Soon Allow Its Citizens To Grow Cannabis At Home To Sell To...

Thailand is ramping up medical marijuana legalization efforts that will soon allow all Thais to cultivate six cannabis plants in their homes and sell...

Twitter Reacts To The Possibility Of Weed Being Legalized In Ghana

Earlier this week, GHOne asked a question online that got a lot of young people talking. Marijuana. Talks of weed legalization have been going on in...

Drake Teases More Life Growth Company By Sending People Flowers

On Tuesday, the rapper's team headed to downtown Toronto to promote a mysterious business venture called "More Life Growth Co." The crew spent the...

Student Punished To Write 50-Page Essay For Selling Cannabis Infused Cakes

In an unconventional ruling, a court in northern Zambia has ordered a university student to write a 50-page essay on the dangers of drugs...

Italian Police Find A Huge Marijuana Growing Operation In A Man’s Bathroom

Italy's illegal marijuana industry is more sophisticated than some people would assume. See Also: Mike Tyson Is Taking His Marijuana Business To The Caribbean To Boost Their Economy According to...

Ghana Drops Again In The Latest FIFA World Rankings

Ghana’s loss to Sudan has had a negative effect on the nation’s standing on the FIFA world rankings as the Black Stars...
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