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Cure For Baldness Could Be Here As Harvard University Study Finds Possible Remedy

After years of frustration, a cure for baldness could finally be on the horizon. Scientists at Harvard University are hopeful they have discovered the key that could...
Didier Drogba Bald

You Won’t Believe This – Didier Drogba Went Bald To Celebrate His Son’s Birthday

Yeah, former Ivorian senior national football team striker and captain, Didier Drogba is walking into 2018 like... Ahhh... yeah.... just minus all that long wig, though. So...

This Is Why Lharley Suddenly Went Bald

Kuulpeeps, Y'all know Lharley right? She is an Instagram celebrity who also hosts the Girl Talk Show. We even crushed on her and we are glad...
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