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These Are Apple’s Best Apps And Games Of 2020

Apple has announced the winners of the 2020 App Store Best award. The award recognises 15 of the fantastic apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Apple...

Apple Officially Terminates Epic Games’ App Store Developer Account

Staying true to its word, Apple has now terminated Epic Games‘ developer account over on its App Store. The move comes following an ongoing...

Apple Apparently Blocked WordPress App Because It Wants 30 Percent

In yet another example of Apple’s increasingly-strained relationship with developers, Wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg tweeted that the free Wordpress app on iOS hadn’t seen...

Facebook Pushes Back Against Apple’s App Store Fees

Facebook  joined the growing ranks of companies publicly complaining about the 30% fee that Apple collects on payments made through its App Store. Those complaints...

Google Pulled ‘Fortnite’ From The Play Store On Android

Just hours after Apple pulled Fortnite from the App Store, it appears Google has followed suit in its Play Store. Earlier today as part...