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UG: Sources Say The Alleged Kwapong Hall Rapist Was ‘Not Himself’ That Night

A suspected rapist was caught in the Alexander Kwapong Hall late last night. See Also: JUST IN: Alleged Rapist Caught Red-handed At Alexander Kwapong Hall, Legon The...

LEGON: Here’s What Really Happened In The Alleged Alexander Kwapong Hall Rape Incident

Just when we thought Legon was calm after the sex for grades and the chale wote scandals!! This morning, we heard of an alleged...

Legon: Guess Who Emerged As The Queen Of Alexander Kwapong Hall?

In case you don't know, Kwapong's Hall week is on going.  As part of their lineup is the Miss Kwapong Contest. Thursday  at 7...

Legon: The First Edition Of Miss Kwapong Is Happening In October.

There have been soo many pageants and you didn't find any suitable enough. Or you probably didn't qualify for the one you wanted........... Well...... Your fairy-godmother...

Legon: Alexander Kwapong Hall Inaugurates Their Research Commons.

The Kwapong Commons was commissioned today at 9:30 am, in a brief ceremony. The Kwapong Commons was a dream of Kwaku Otu Aikins, a past...
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VOTE!! Which Hallweek Was The Best In Legon This Semester

This is for those who were present at all the hall weeks!! Let's just call this the hall week face-off and let us know...

Going To Visit Your Bae In Legon Just Got Easier

The SRC is pleased to inform students and all you people who have made Legon campus your second home that...The Road from Limann to...
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This Is Why Alexander Kwapong Hall’s Organizing Secretary Elect Was Rejected

The semester is almost coming to an end and JCR elections are already being held for students to vote for Student leaders are going...