These Are Addi Self’s 10 Most Favourite Songs!!

Yes people! Addi Self is constantly jamming to these songs on the regular! Captan - Clean Heart Shatta Wale - Bail Joint 77 - Pushing Vybz Kartel -...

9 Intriguing Things About Addi Self (Militants)

These are 9 things we know you never knew about Addi Self He owns a boutique and a barbering shop in Achimota He has sold pure...

Here Are Addi Self ‘s 11 Most Rated Music Artistes

Take a look at another Militant's top 11 most preferred music artistes: Shatta Wale Addi Self Captan Joint 77 Pope Skinny Natty Lee Vybz Kartel Pop Caan Alkaline Kendrick Lamar Lil Wayne

10 Things Addi Self (Militants) Always Has With Him

Addi Self, of the group Militants (you know their hit songs with Shatta Wale: Forgetti and Taking Over) can never be caught somewhere without...

Joint 77 (Militants) Shares 10 Of His Favourite Songs

These are the songs Joint 77 jams to whenever he can! Shatta Wale - Kill Dem With Prayers Shatta Wale - Too Late To Apologise Shatta Wale...

Joint 77 (Militants) Always Has These 10 Items On Him

These are Joint 77's essential items; he never keeps them far away from himself!! Watch Bracelet Earrings Chain Phones Car Keys Shades Money ATM Cards Bandana

Take A Look At Joint 77 Of Militants Fame’s Top 10 Favourite Music Artistes

Joint 77 has these artistes close to his heart!! Shatta Wale   Pope Skinny Captan Addi Self Natty Lee Castro Burna Boy Jay - Z Drake Vybz Kartel

Here Are 10 Things You Don’t Know About Joint 77 (Militants)

The fellow star of the 'Taking Over' hit song made us know 10 things only his closest friends know about him. He loves konkonte with...

These Are Captan’s Top 10 Favourite Songs In Ghana

Don't be surprised the Militant loves his own! Take a look at his favourite songs Shatta Wale - Caan face me Shatta Wale - You want...

Captan Shares His Top 10 Highly Rated Music Artistes

These are the music artistes who inspire Captan to do more music!! Shatta Wale Joint 77 Addi Self Pope Skinny Natty Lee Vybz Kartel Pop Caan Jah Miel Mavado Alkaline
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