#UCCDecides: UCCABS Has Released Its Vetting Results

The University of Cape Coast’s association of business students (UCCABS) has released the list of qualified aspirants for its executive positions. The summarised release that was copied to KuulpeepsUcc,...

6 Types Of TA’s You Will Definitely Meet In UCC

Just like students at the University of Cape Coast, their Teaching Assistants come in different forms. We have listed 6 types of TA’s we have identified from UCC. If you know,...

10 Types Of Lecturers You Would Find In UCC

Lecturers, lecturers, lecturers!!! What are we going to do without our dear and beloved lecturers? Their diversity is just something else. However, Kuulpeeps has categorized the types of lecturers we...

Find Out Why Some UCC Students May Petition Echo House

Kuulpeeps chanced upon some interesting discussion at the shuttle station. The discussion, that was started by a group of friends soon gained huge contributions from some of the gathered...
UCC SRC Elections 2018

#UCCDecides: Sir John Pulls A Surprise At UCC SRC Presidential Elections

Students of the University of Cape Coast held Src/local nugs elections to determine who leads the student body for the 2018/2019 academic year. Elections were scheduled for 27th March...
ucc src election

UCC Students Reportedly Robbed At Gunpoint In Their Lecture Halls

Reports KuulpeepsUCC has gathered indicate that a number of UCC students were robbed on Friday midnight at gunpoint in a lecture block of the school, known as G-block. The G-block...

10 Types Of Phobics/Phobias In Every Class

A phobia is simply the fear of a distin and a phobic is one who fears the distin. But for the sake of my learned colleagues, let it be...

Meet UCC’s Favourite Dancer, Mystical

Hey there Kuulpeeps! If you are in UCC, you have probably heard about Mystical the dancer. Well, if you haven’t, meet, Israel Asante Mireku Junior. We needed to find out...
on the low kofi taylor

UCC’s Colony Music Group Releases First Single Off Debut EP

UCC’s Colony Music Group has released their first single of their much-anticipated EP- Colonization. The track titled, On The Low, has a hippy feel with traces of trap snares which will definitely...
lights up

UCC!! Get Ready For Lights Up

Today is Friday the 16th of March and you haven’t heard Lights Up is happening???? Where have you been?? Allow us to tell you about the Biggest Tertiary Jam in the...