Presec, Mama Tess

Meet Mama Tess, The Longest Serving Food Vendor At Presec

Yes, Ɔdadeɛ, get ready for another nostalgic Presec moment. This month, we have been giving you flashbacks and making you relive your time at Presec. If you ate at 'Goase' -...
Presec, House 7

Here’s How To Share Your Stories, Videos And Images Of Presec You Want Published

It's the Odade3 month and we're all excited. So many posts about Presec has been put out and if you haven't seen any of them, click here. That said, do you...

Let’s Bring Back Your Presec Memories With These

Hey Y'all Presecans, since we are already giving you major high school throwback all month, let's take you down the memory lane again. Nothing scary, just those places you probably...

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Presec, Show Us!

You've been making so much noise about being an old boy of Presec, now show us how well you know your school.
Lucy Quist

Take A Look At Some Successful Blue Magicians PRESEC Produced

Every school at one point or the other wants to have some bragging rights over some of the successful people it has produced. The Presbyterian Boys' Senior High School...

PRESECANS Break The Ice On All The Things You Have Said About Them That...

Across all of our Senior High Schools, a lot of rumours have been flying all over the place. No one ever knows the source of these rumours and it looks...

Kuulpeeps!!! Welcome To The Ɔdadeɛ Month

Guys!!!!!! Welcome to a new month with the Blue Magicians. PRESEC is our high school of the month. All we want to do this month is pull the school apart, alphabet...