5 Lessons Cats Teach Humans

Cats are animals and pets. No matter how a cat can be somehow annoying, they always try to put a smile on your face same as what...

The Craziest #DontLeaveMeChallenge Videos From The Creator, Josh2Funny

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11 Popular Brand Names You’re Confidently Saying Wrong

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4 Ways To Help Make You TikTok Famous.

Everyone and their mothers have probably heard of the viral app TikTok, which was initially way back then. What they don’t know...
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4 Unforgettable “Beefs” During This COVID 19 Period.

Social media has been a wild unforgiving place during this Lockdown period and this has been due to the unending "beefs" and banters that occur daily on...
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3 Ways To Develop Emotional Maturity In A Crisis

Most people are in a state of insecurity. We feel threatened as we grow up exposing ourselves more and more to the world we live in.

#MCMAlert: Sarkodie Nailed These 4 African Print Outfits

Michael Owusu popularly known as Sarkodie is a Ghanaian rapper/musician who over the years has proved himself as one of the best rappers this country and Africa...

5 Regular Ghanaians Who Are Tik Tok Superstars.

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3 Other Topics That Spark A GhVsNaija Feud On Twitter

Ghana and Nigeria are most possibly the most famous countries in West Africa, with both countries located in the same subregion and both being Anglophone countries, they...