Waakye Ghana

The 10 Commandments Of Waakye

Waakye is a special Ghanaian meal and if you didn't know this, i'm here to tell you that to enjoy it... You need...
bread and pepper soup

9 Weird Food Combinations Nigerians Eat

Food is one of the essential basic needs of man, Agreed!. Moreover, It's not bad to try out new food combination as some of these turn out...
Pounded yam and egusi

5 Easy Meals That Brings Out The Inner Chef In Nigerian Men

Nigerian women deserve continuous accolades when it comes to affairs of the kitchen. Their creativity level is always at its peak when it involves creating new recipes...

6 Meals That Taste Better Only When A Ghanaian Man Makes It

Most guys rarely cook and even more don’t even know how but, we can all agree that there are some meals that taste extra good only when...

8 Funny Nicknames Ghanaians Have For Some Of Their Food

In Ghana we have an endless option of lots of flavourful meals but one thing we also have is a range of funny names we use for...
Local dishes as cake//Kuulpeeps.com

GH And Naija Foodstuff And Meals…As Cake!

Not to put you into shock or anything but...the cake craze has us all in our feelings. It recently came to our notice that...
hyper realistic cakes

101 Reasons Why No One Wants To Eat This Waakye

Imagine you are given waakye to eat. You put your hand in and then, instead of hot steaming rice and beans with shito... you...

6 Ghanaian Snacks That Can Kill You If You Slack

No they are not unhealthy but these Ghanaian meals and snacks will kill you if you let them. via Gifer
Weird Ghanaian food combos//Kuulpeeps.com

6 Weird Food Combos Ghanaians Actually Eat

Food is really good. I lowkey feel bad for people who have strict diets they have to follow because there is some joy in being able to...
The best Ghanaian meals//Kuulpeeps.com

8 Rated Ghanaian Meals That Deserve To Be In A Museum

Ghanaian food is definitely part of the top 10 meals from Africa because cmon, let's face it, GH has some of the best foods!!