your love playlist

A Love Playlist For The Love Birds

If  Music is Food, then here is a Buffet for the Love Birds. Here is a carefully curated playlist of Afrobeats on the topic of love. Make sure you put...

Different Types Of Gnashers And How They Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day Too

Another February 14th has rolled around but still not all of us have the fortune of having a bae/boo. These are 9 alternate ways we singles (or gnashers) can...
Broken heart

How To Deal With A Broken Heart On Valentine’s Day

Val's day is always centered on lovers; bae, boo and crush. They share chocolate, go on a date, enjoy some romance and sex and all the love love things...

Here Are A Couple Of Theories Surrounding The Origin Of Valentine’s Day

DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHY WE CELEBRATE VAL’S DAY? Oh yes! We’re here again. And by that we mean the month of love is here again, the second most popular...
Love, Kiss

Tips On How To Grab A Girl On Campus In Time For Valentine’s Day

Charley Kuulpeeps, what’s up for this Val’s day? Congrats to those who are going to spend it with their S/Os (significant others) booed up. Now, special shoutouts to the gnashers...

5 Ways To Make Her Your Valentine-And Still Be On Top Of Your Budget

If you’re in a campus relationship, then this month the pressure is on! It is February and on Wednesday the world celebrates love. Whether you do believe in this celebration...

Be The Amazing Girlfriend This Valentine – Here’s How!

Ladies, you do know Valentine gifts are a two-way street right? Most times, y'all just leave it to the guys to show their love during the month of love. Well,...
Joshua Kissi, Instagram

They Met On Instagram In 2014, Now These Two Are Planning Their Wedding

Kuulpeeps, Y'all have got to start taking the DMs serious. Even if it’s not inside the DM, the fact that you’ve met someone online should be a serious thing, you...
Couples, Love

What Do You Think? Is The Internet Justified In Hating This Couple?

One big lesson every human being must have gotten by now is that people have different tastes and preferences. ...and as long as an individual’s taste and preferences do not...

Here Are 8 Reasons You Should Date A Sports Guy/Girl

We all have the impression that women who do sports are not beautiful and are 'hard'. Well, that could be true, but can we look at the other side...