9 Lovey-Dovey Things You And Bae Can Do To Spice Up Your Relationship

It is not that you are falling out of love oo onua. The whole thing just make dull. Maintaining a relationship in this Ghana is hard! Keeping the feeling and...
Beyonce Jay Z

6 Celebs Who Were Given A Second Chance By Their Partners

Hello Kuulpeeps,  last month, we had a couple of videos on heartbreaks and this month guess what we're gonna talk about... Second Chance!!! We'll be sharing some videos of Kuulpeeps who...
Broken heart

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Heart Bits: Jay Berete Shares His Heartbreak Story

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9 Tweets That Will Make You See The Brighter Side Of A Heartbreak

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Twitter Users Tell Us How They Ask For Sex Without Using The Word Sex

We all know Twitter is the best thing that ever happened to the internet. Sometimes, it's even better than almighty Google. Just ask anything and you'll get a befitting answer. For instance,...