10 Songs You Would Be Happy To Know Kidi Has On His Playlist

Have you ever wondered what a musician's playlist looks like?? If you think it will be a complete list of all the songs they have ever recorded, then let me...
sdkdele emergers 2017

Kwaku Manu And 9 Other Actors/Actresses Sdkdele Absolutely Adores!

We asked Sdkdele who his favourite actors or actresses are and... Sadik  Sulley aka Sdkdele! 2. Denzel Washington 3. Kevin Hart 4. Majid Michel 5. Viola Davis 6. King Bach 7. Destorm 8. Klarity 9. Kwaku Manu 10....
B4bonah emergers 2017

B4Bonah Never Leaves His House Without These Things!

These are the rappers essentials; you'd never see him without them! Bottle of water Towel Smile Phone Sneakers Extra clothes Deodorant Manager Good heart
RJZ emergers 2017

Take A Look At RJZ’s Top 10 Personal Favorite Songs

Here's a peek into what RJZ's favourite playlist looks like! Kid Cudi - teleport to me Jay Z - sweet Lupe Fiasco - Mural Chino XL - Poison pen Frank Ocean - Sideways Kid Cudi...
sdkdele emergers 2017

Here Are 6 Things The Skit Maker And Actor, Sdkdele Cannot Do Without

Aren't you a bit curious? what does someone like him always have on him? Take a look at Sdkele's most important things he absolutely needs to take along with him,...
kidi emergers 2017

Here Are 8 Things Kidi Never Leaves His Home Without!

No one leaves the house without making sure they have some specific essentials.  Take a look at what Kidi always has on him! His Phone obviously... Condoms for emergencies... His Wallet something needs to hold...
RJZ emergers 2017

RJZ Reveals 10 Very Interesting Facts About Himself

Here's the chance to know more about RJZ aside the fact that he's a great music artiste and is one of the members of the coolest gang: La meme...
kuami eugene emergers 2017

10 Personal Facts About Kuami Eugene You Never Knew

What if we told you Kuami Eugene is not just an Angel sent from heaven to bless us with his smooth voice but... is human just like us! Here are a...
magnom emergers 2017

Here Are 10 Things Magnom Needs To Have With Him All The Time

Wherever the hitmaker is, he needs to have these items to have a fully functional day! Phone Money Car Keys Backpack Handkerchief Condom Extra Clothes   Charger Earpiece Pen Drive
kuulpeeps emergers 2017

Kuulpeeps Presents: The Emergers 2017

When we started the year 2017, everyone looked out for their favourite personalities in the industry and looked forward to what their idols had in store for them. No one...

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