15-Year-Old Injects Self With HIV-Infected Blood Of Boyfriend To Prove Her Love

A fifteen-year-old girl has devised a peculiar method of expressing her love to her HIV-positive boyfriend: she injects herself with his blood.

Despite being well aware that her lover was HIV-positive, the unnamed girl allegedly injected herself with his blood.

The whole country has been in disbelief since the news first emerged last week. It is reported that the teenager is from Suwal Kuchchi an Indian village in Assam.

She met her partner on Facebook and they had been dating for almost three years.
The HIV-positive boy from Hajo had once tried to run away with his sweetheart, but her parents had discovered them and brought her back.

This time, the 15-year-old discovered a way to show her love for her boyfriend rather than fleeing with him.

It’s not clear if the boy knew what she was up to.

After receiving a complaint from the girl’s parents, Hajo police had already taken the girl’s boyfriend into custody.
The patient is being observed in the hospital in the interim.


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