4 Ways To Get Over A Heartbreak

“Breakup na national cake, ego touch everybody. E don touch my guy, I dey wait for my turn o”.

Ever been in a long-term relationship? Have you ever been heartbroken? If yes, you should know that heartbreak is one of the painful things anyone can go through. If it has already happened or hasn’t happened to you at all, here are four (4) smart ways to get over a break up

1. At the beginning of your breakup, try to document your emotions during your most vulnerable moments. Take comfort in control of your emotions, but that doesn’t mean you should become heartless. Try to process your emotions and make sense of them. And also, do not suppress your feelings cry if you have to, scream all the pain out, allow yourself to go through the pain. Time alone doesn’t heal; it is an act of intentional process.

2. When confronted with the “What happened?” questions, don’t try to go into full details for it might bring back some unpleasant memories. Instead, try: “Yes, we are not together and I’m really bummed out about it but after all that has happened and now, I want to focus on fun and positive things now” or “It just wasn’t working out and we have gone our separate ways “. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should delude yourself into thinking nothing tragic happened to you, well it did and it was unpleasant but try to talk about all the fun things you can do in your new single life.

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3. Think of the memories in which you genuinely felt happy. Don’t discredit them. Try being happy for having chosen the person, smile and leave the happy memories as they are.

4. Lastly, brooding over your emotions, not accepting the relationship loss and talking about the break up with people will only increase your feeling of sadness and maybe anger. This would bring back negative feelings and highlight all you have lost. Mostly, the best thing to do is to seek support from family and trusted friends. This would not only give you emotional support but even encouragement that you can get through it and reassure yourself that what you’re experiencing is normal and shall pass.

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Break ups are never easy and most of us will and have experienced this at some point in life. This experience is painful and challenging, but it can be a time where we learn a lot about ourselves too, experience profound personal growth and gain a greater appreciation of the kind of relationship we truly want in future.

After all, “Everybody go chop breakfast”.


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