How To Make Money In University 

Listen, you and I both know that we are broke. The economy is tanking by the second, but instead of going down with it, you can capitalise on the misfortune of others and turn a profit. Even though I type this with empty pockets, remember this… “Do as I say, not as I do” – someone, probably. Here’s how you can earn a little extra cash in university. 

  1. Learn how to cut/braid hair

Being away from home is difficult and most people need a place that’s not too far from campus to get a fresh cut or a new set of braids. You can take advantage of this opportunity and charge them for it. (make sure you actually do a good job before) your weekends will magically become your money making days as students flock to you to get a haircut. 

  1. Start a business!

Sell a watch, jewelry or even stickers to decorate your devices. Starting a business is not as hard as it looks, all you need is capital (he types as he’s struggling to find capital for himself). From there, just sell your products and make sure your business stays relevant. I forgot to add, you can start a manicure business, but it requires a lot of work to nail it. 

  1. Odd jobs.

These include washing cars, clothes, cleaning rooms, all for a fee, of course. Odd jobs can help you make some money when you’re in a pinch. They’re very reliable because they’re always available for you to do. Also if you like routine manual labor, you should look into it. 

  1. Start a church and keep the offering to yourself.

We all know that some religious establishments tend to keep offerings within the executive team in order to get the latest Gucci flip flops and Supreme t-shirts and such. This is a major red flag, and now, you can do it too. Just convince people to get other people to come to your religious establishment (you know, like a cult or pyramid scheme) have about 3 offerings per service and just sit back and watch the cash roll into your account. 

  1. Occultism 

Shocking, yes, but not surprising. Occult practices have promised to result in large payout at the expense of one to three human lives. If you’re taking this “financial advice” seriously, we’re judging you.

That brings us to the end of part 1. Comment other ways you can make money in the university and they might just make it into part 2. I’ll see you next time. 

Disclaimer: This is not professional financial and/legal advice. To be continued… 


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