5 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Roommate Problems

We can all attest to the fact that, some roommates were sent straight from the pits and bosoms of the darkest place in this universe.  Well, as the Kuulpeeps team, we are here again with aid sent straight from above.

Your roomie dey vex ? Here are some remedies we have coined to make life an enjoyable one.

  1. Cloning

Replace your roommate with a clone is only for the best. Imagine a clone that does whatever you say, even the most absurd things like “sleep and never wake up”.

2. Ghostee

This remedy requires only one thing, the invisible cloak in Harry Porter but let your tailor to sew a full ninja bodysuit and fit it on your roommate when they are asleep. Then BOOM, they literally don’t exist. Anyways, all this must happen in your dream though.

3. Block your ears

Their voice, yes, their useless voice. It can just ruin your day by just hearing a hum. So, the remedy is to block your ears using air pods, earpiece but this time we will call it “earpeace”, so you do not have to listen to their nonsense.

4. Change the lock and key

Back in JHS, if you did BDT, in fact pre-technical skills, then you’re in luck. At least you can draw in oblique or isometric perspectives of how you want the locks to look like. Get a carpenter to execute the drawing and VOILA ! LOCKS CHANGED!

5. Eternal Sexile

“Sex” + “Exile” = sExile
Anyways, this state of banishment is self-expletory. All you must do is pretend your significant other is constantly in the room, so he/she must stay outside till you’re satisfied.

Las Las, if any of the stated above does not work, voice out. You need to speak up. Tell them straight in their face that, this and that makes you uncomfortable. My brothers and sisters, do not turn this into a family issue because whatever happens in uni stays in uni.


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