5 Types Of Perchers You’ll Meet In The University

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having perchers live with with you in your hall or hostel, you know these kinds of people we are talking about. However, if you haven’t, beware of them!!


These perchers are care free. They set their own rules and have no regard for original room owners.
If ever confronted,they don’t even desist. These are extremely prideful and stubborn perchers.

The unorganized ones

The belongings of these perchers are literally everywhere. They’re always /mostly late to classes, never clear the area after eating, hardly sweep ,etc. Basically,they’re all agents of chaos and burdensome to have around.

The Housekeepers

These perchers offer the best services; cooking,cleaning, and keeping everything in order in the room.
If you ever do get a housekeeper, you better keep him or her!

The Extrêmely Quiet Ones

These perchers turns out to be extremely nonchalant because they don’t want to give the idea that they’re invading someone’s privacy (even though they already are ). You’ll only find them talking when one of the original room owners tries to engage him / her in a conversation.

The Very Loud Ones

These perchers are the hyperactive ones always hoarding a story ready to be shared or a song to be sang. They don’t know boundaries and settle in as though they were original room owners.

Which ones have you encountered? Let us know in the comments section!


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