5 Types Of Ghanaian Tailors You’ll Meet

Saturday is almost here and you have been invited for that 50th birthday party, Kofi and Esi’s wedding dinner and you have nothing to wear but, you trust that tailor your auntie suggested. That is when Ghanaian tailors show you shege. It’s either they can’t find your cloth, or they haven’t started or better still, they’re now asking you what type of style you wanted to sew. If you’ve lived in Ghana, you must have met at least 3 of these types of tailors.

  1. The Liars

“Oh madam, madam. I’m almost done o, I’m folding it right now.” Lies. Absolute lies. These people will swear on their lives that they’re done with your order but ask them to describe the cloth you gave, e go shock you!

2. The Lazy Ones

They’re very aware of the deadline you gave them but they just can’t be bothered. They will loiter around until three days to the alloted time because they cannot come and kill themselves.

3. The Perfectionists

“Is this what you wanted ma? You want it tomorrow? Okay ma”. And they will deliver it a day before with an uncanny accuracy to the picture you gave in reference.

4. The Fast And Furious

You want it fast Lol! You’re in for the shock of your life. Your material go cast make you shock and things

5. The Born-Again Preachers

You want to show cleavage? Thigh slit?? Bodycon? Heeiii, my sister! You are a child of God. You need to dress like somebody who respects herself. You will regret bringing your clothes to this tailor to sew. Hell fire and brimstone will be the only thing waiting for you.

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