NUGS Partners SIC Insurance To Deliver  Campus Secure Insurance – A Student Insurance Policy

Ghanaian students
University of Ghana students via

In the midst of life’s uncertainties, it is always reassuring to know there’s a safety net that secures your future with a plan that is specially tailored to your needs. 

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has developed a unique General and Life Insurance policy that will cater to students under the NUGS umbrella. 

The policy is designed to be a safety net for students in the event of the loss of parents or guardians, permanent disability or in the case of an attack while on campus. 

The policy starts at GHC 60 per year and offers significant benefits including payment of school fees following the death of a parent or guardian, accommodation allowances, general upkeep allowance or medical expenses coverage in the event of injury sustained from an attack while on campus. 

This policy presents a holistic secure plan to help students ensure they can still go on with their academic journey even in the face of unpredictable circumstances. 

To access the Campus Secure Insurance package, you can send a text via Whatsapp to 0555441485 or text Awura Insurance on Telegram. 

You can also reach out to NUGS executives on your campuses for more information.


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