5 Hairstyles For Black Women You Should Try This Year

Hairstyles have evolved so beautifully and trust that the evolution will heighten in the future. There was a period, (specifically 2016 to 2018) where crocheted braids were a thing and now, it is LOCS season!!!!! You have no lived if you have not tried these hairstyles this year. Get a checklist and rock them!

  1. Knotless braids with beads

Beads in and with braids, especially knotless braids, gives this elegant appearance. Oh, and in this look, you can rock any outfit. You’re in a gym-wear, dinner wear, office wear – knotless braids with beads adapts perfectly.

2. Cornrows


One of the most protective hairstyles for woman with thick textured hair is cornrow. The style is braided to give some air to the scalp. Cornrow can be kept for weeks and suits any and every outfit at all.

Have you ever wondered the history of cornrows ? Well, they were used as map in times of escape from slave masters during the slavery period in America.

3. Softlocs


Light in weight and can be kept for months, almost as though it was your own hair, this indigenous Africana looks gorgeous even when it looks old and rough. This hairstyle is in season and you must get a piece of this hairstyle experience.

4. Sister Locs


Yes, it is permanent, but you can still try the other hairstyles with sisterlocks. They are versatile as the resemble tiny braids. No products are used except they are natural.

5. Passion Twists (Goddess)


These juicy and shinny twists, give a chic look and fits any outfit either tied up, let down, two buns, one bun and many among others.

So, if you have not tried any on these hairstyles, this summer is your chance to! Which one are you trying first?


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