5 Things Ladies Going Through A Breakup Can Relate To

When Burnaboy said, “las las, na everybody go chop breakfast”, he was speaking nothing but facts. The reaction to “chopping breakfast” differs gender to gender but for women? Women will surprise you. These are typical ways ladies behave after they’ve gone through a breakup.

  The Criers

These are our honored crybabies. Even before the breakup they would cry on the slightest mishappening. Ever witnessed a baby’s spontaneous cry ? These girls will scare you with their unannounced sobbing.

The Stalkers

“Sha, you have broken up with me, but who said I have broken up with you?” Lol! These girls know their ex-boyfriends’ usernames off head. They should be crowned head of socials and analytics already because at this point, no one can refresh pages as quick and skilled as they do.

The Pretender

You ask Esi if she’s okay and she tells you, “Ha, it is indeed a sad story but who is sad, me? EWEEEEEEE, my auntie you are clearly sad and trying to pin it on me”. Do not try them – they can pretend even better than Peter after hearing the third cockcrow.

Easily Move On

Ha! These girls did not come to play! They move on faster than the speed of light. “We broke up? Oh okay. We go crosh” It is a “see you later, alligator” situation. They cannot come and waste their tears on you. The next person is waiting in line for his turn, boss.

The Suicidal

What is the point of living if he is not sending “good morning” messages and buying food? He must marry me now or I’m die. The world has ended for our aunties. No long talks on this one. If you like, don’t come back and see.

This relationship thing is not for everyone. Which of these ladies are you?


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